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Villa Wedding

Three Budget Friendly Wedding Villa Bali For Your Dream Outdoor Special Day

Talking about wedding ceremony, picking the place is one of the most important matter when planning it. Especially, if you are going for destination wedding in Bali. The beauty, the extravagant, and the unforgettable moment didn’t come in cheap. Sometime, wedding villa Bali comes with astronomical tag. But don’t worry, here are some affordable villa you can opt for.

Here Are Four Form Many Villa Option You Can Opt For

  1. Pandawa Beach Villa

The term of affordable is differ from each person. Which later make this list either relatable or not. However, the first villa option come from Pandawa Beach villa. The price start from IDR 11,5 million, with capability to hold small intimate beautiful wedlock ceremony. It is a villa complex consist of three locations; Sahadewa, Nakulla, and Arjuna villa. All have breathtaking Indian ocean views and black sandy beach.

  1. Villa Kailasha

Located in Banjar Dukuh, the villa price started form IDR 12,000,000 ++. Is it cheap? All based on your economical preference. This particular wedding villa Bali offer garden and lawn, that combined with alfresco terrace, living pavilion, and sea view. It offers idea tropical setting for your wedding and other events. This villa also comes with extra entertainment, such as Balinese dance performance.

  1. Mengening Villa

Come with the same price range, Mengening villa located in the peaceful beach that far from the crowd and offers tranquility. You can find it in Umalalang Street, that situate the villa close to the curve beach line. It gives breathtaking panorama views of Indian oceans and surrounded by vast rice field for traditional local vibe. How about the capacity? It is 70 – 80 people seated or 150 standing.

  1. The Samata Sanur

This particular wedding villa Bali come with different wedding package that varies from the number of guests. For the cheapest one, the price starts from IDR 12,000,000 with 10 seated guests, to IDR 45,000,000 for 300 seated guests. This location famous of its pools, verdant rice field, and emerald lawn. Since the villa offers different price ranges, you can consider it for your dreamed wedding ceremony plan.

All in all, there are numerous wedding villa across Bali that offer different cost per night. The four villas mentioned above are just a glimpse of the countless options you can find. Generally, the price will be different because of many condition. It can be the location, the villa stars, the services, the total guests, and the accommodation. You should know that to find the most affordable one.

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